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Top Features Of The Best Strategic Planning Software And Tools!

Companies often have a hard time executing plans into real results. Strategic planning is basically the start – What matters as much, or probably more, is strategic execution. That’s exactly when strategic planning software and tools can be handy. From offering a basic strategic plan template, to other customizable features, such tools can change the way companies operate and manage plans. One of the biggest advantages of strategic planning software is effective communication. It encourages and implements transparency across all levels, allowing businesses to have a proactive stance towards challenges.

If you are considering strategic planning software for your enterprise, here are some of the top features to expect.

  • Strategy map. Ready templates allow the management to determine user roles, responsibilities and ensure transparency within an organization.
  • Strategic Businesses can choose to use one of the common Strategic frameworks, like OKR, or can decide to create their own.
  • Custom features. A good strategic planning tool must allow companies to add their own fields and parameters, so that the tracking is more customized.
  • Management of milestones. Big projects can be divided into smaller milestones, so that tracking, management of efforts, and eventual reporting becomes easier.
  • User management. You would want the strategic planning software to have some feature to allow user management. Updating, adding, deleting and modifying teams and people working on a project should be easy.
  • Simplified notifications. You want team members and executives to know about plans, recent updates and changes, and for that, strategic planning tools need to have a notification system in place.

Vendor support, onboarding and mobile interface

The best strategic planning tools need to be designed for mobile, so that managers can work on the go, check updates, and add inputs. Another big aspect that needs attention is customer support from the vendor. The onboarding experience must be simplified and practical – The idea is to reduce disruption in work and normal operations. The eventual goal of a strategic planning tool is to enhance operational efficiency, and you wouldn’t want the product itself to become a center of chaos.

Final word

If your company hasn’t used a strategic planning tool as yet, evaluating the features and asking vendors for a demo is a good place to start. It is also necessary to understand how a strategic planning software platform will help your business in the long run, as the management and scope of operations expand in the future.

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