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Sales enablement tools and sales engagement platforms: top 5 differences

In e-marketing, most platforms are very similar in their functionality and outwardly they are difficult to distinguish from each other. However, they perform different tasks. For example, customer retention platforms are different from sales engagement platforms, which are more responsible for prospecting and generating new customers. What are the differences and why it’s important to distinguish them – let’s talk further.

The twin brothers

In fact, these e-engagement technologies are actually very similar to each other. It’s easy to confuse engagement and sales promotion. It seems that not only the interface of the programs, but also their functions are one and the same. Indeed, these automated systems have almost identical features:

– databases;

– algorithms for working with clients;

– possibilities of integration with other interaction potential.

But still such twin siblings achieve different goals and work with different algorithms of information processing and verification.

The key difference between the systems

The most important difference is the goal the automated system achieves. If you focus on the most important, basic differences, they sound like this:

– systems that work with sales support concentrate on the ongoing transmission of information to agents engaged in customer communications or that part of the automated system that manages messaging, dialing, billing information and other commercial information designed to maintain the sales infrastructure. That is, all the necessary information about the product or service should already be transmitted to both the buyer and the seller at the right time and in full.

– the system, which provides involvement in sales, focuses on making sure that there is contact between the seller and the buyer, as well as generate the data necessary for such contact, i.e., search and update databases of current and potential customers, improve interaction with potential audience, wishing or intending to buy a product/service.

The second system, which is responsible for sales, is focused on finding information that must necessarily find a response from the client and provoke him to purchase goods, order services. Once the contact is found, the most effective way to enhance the effect of the new lead is to work with the support of business activity and sales expansion on the existing base of customers.

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