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Looking for Privileged Access Management Solutions? Look for These Features

Many years ago, companies depend only on anti-virus software, firewalls, secure web gateways, and other perimeter-based security tools to protect their systems from hackers. However, today, these tools are not enough with the hackers becoming notorious at doing their things. For smarter security, it is important to use a good password manager. Also, your company must implement a strong Privileged Access Management (PAM) solution that lets you control and limit access to privileged accounts within your existing Active Directory environment. There are a lot of PAM solutions on the market but you must look for the following features:

Ease of Use

Aside from being able to manage privileged access well, your PAM solution must be intuitive and easy to use. This will help you get the most of the solution since you understand how to use it to your advantage. The best solution should provide you with the security and control you need without wasting your valuable time.

Role-Based Security

Look for a PAM solution that lets can establish role-based security for groups of users who require the same level of access. Role-based security helps in seeing who has access to accounts and data and track changes.

Live Session Monitoring

This PAM feature allows you to record the session of every user so you can see what they did and when. You will need it for audit and compliance purposes. Also, it helps you act proactively instead of reactively since you can see user activities in real-time.

Two-Factor Authentication

Two-factor authentication or 2FA is a security layer that can save you from a cyber attack. As you may have known, cyber attacks can cause serious damage to your organisation. An excellent PAM solution will offer you the versatility to set 2FA for some groups or roles.

Comprehensive Reporting

With this feature, you can get a clear and accurate picture of what is happening based on what you require. Many PAM solutions provide various reports for different needs.

Real-Time Notifications

A great PAM solution will let you know about strange activities when it happens instead of after it happens. With its real-notifications, you can set the type of activity, roles, or groups that will trigger notifications. This way, you will be always up-to-date and act accordingly.

Private Vault

The vault will serve as storage for personal entries to keep them secure from hackers. Using a private vault will teach end-users about the significance of cybersecurity.

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