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Business Networking: Cease Working the area

Have you ever contacted a company networking event as the second “Room to operate”? Exactly what a mistake that may be.

Some networking experts might let you know to go to networking occasions and be ready to “work the area”. Stop and consider that advice. Is the fact that what for you to do? Would be that the first impression that you would like to imprint on contacts inside your network? That they are just “labored” on your part? How does one feel if you have been “labored”?

Stop doing that. It may feel slimy to your individuals who you “labored”. And most importantly it does not improve your company network.

It isn’t that individuals misguided networking experts mean ill for you personally. Possibly they’re suggesting the things they did. Maybe they overlooked or got accustomed to that slimy feeling. That is what frequently occurs when one does not know better or pause and consider what they’re doing. They simply rationalize it with mantras like, “no discomfort, no gain”. Sometimes slimy individuals are pretty good – they simply stop thinking or caring about how exactly they seem to other people. Just how can that be a great way to develop a lengthy term relationship?


Networking isn’t about working the area or employees. Networking is all about building relationships which are mutually productive within the lengthy term.

Think about these four concepts of excellent networking:

– Systems are made on trust

– Networking is made on relationships

– Networking is made by connecting with individuals

– Networking is all about people – not rooms. And individuals tend not to be labored

Work the area

You may as well just go into the room – shout your company name for those to listen to then throw your company cards in to the air – by leaving having a flourish. You labored the area and let everybody understand how little you considered them. And also you didn’t do anything to construct a powerful network.

Sometimes the big event organizers are responsible for forcing you to definitely work the area. They would like to sell more occasions so that they bully you to definitely play their networking game. They announce their game: Within the next 5 minutes provide your card to as many folks as possible. Exactly what a stupid game. Should you wanted to achieve that you could have been easier to place an advertisement within the newspaper or throw your cards in mid-air.

Real networking is much more about quality then it’s about quantity. Networking isn’t about supplying your company cards to everybody within the room. Networking isn’t even about collecting everyone’s card. Yes, you need to distribute and collect business card printing, but real networking goes much deeper than that.

Create a Better Business Connection

Sustainable networking begins with creating a connection and finding some mutual understanding. Then you definitely work on creating a relationship that may last many build lucrative possibilities for the two of you. Don’t concentrate on the event and do not work the area. Rather, treat the area like a setting. Have connections and make your network by working the relationships.

Next time some “networking expert” informs you to definitely work the area – let them know. “Don’t slime me. I did not come for the area. I wish to interact with people.”

Cease working the area. Rather, begin to build more lucrative business systems because they build real relationships.

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